A/S Request
1. Any return products may be refused, if the package is not received within 21 days from RMA issue date.

2. Any return products may be refused, if the RMA number is not present on the shipping label or on the actual shipping box.

3. Package must include a copy of corresponding RMA Request Form with return products.

4. Process of issuing the RMA number may be delayed, if any necessary information is not provided above.

5. Products will be return back to customer in its original state if there are no problems found after the examination.

6. DOA (only when the product is defective within 30 days from installed date) products will be exchanged with a new product based on availability. All DOA returned products need to be returned as original condition. Product must be in its original packaging along with all accessories such as; mounting screws, anchors, Allen wrench, harness cables, terminal connectors, manuals, and any other items that were originally included with the product.

7. Warranty cannot be applied to any product that’s caused by improper installation, act of nature, accident, voltage, fluctuations, or any unauthorized tampering, repairs, or modifications.

8. Warranty becomes VOID in the event of alteration, defacement, or removal of serial numbers.

9. Customer is responsible for any repair charge that will be notified for Out-Of-Warranty products.
A/S Procedure
1. Upon arrival of returned products, the package will be inspected to see if there is a missing piece from its original package. The products will also be tested to confirm the description in the RMA form. Only the problem specified in the RMA Request form will be treated.

2. Any service charge due to missing accessories or malfunction due to improper installation or handling will be notified before proceeding.

3. For products of which warranty is expired, the estimated repair cost and time will be notified before proceeding.

4. In case there is a service charge due to the reason specified above, a Credit Card Authorization form with the amount agreed will be asked for submission for repair.

5. The product will be repaired once the service charge is processed from the credit card.

6. The product will be repaired and sent back in its factory default setting. Only the returned product and accessories will be shipped out unless requested and paid.
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